Tillman Financial Services

Craig Tillman II is a keen problem solver with a zest for seeking the most effective solutions to help people become financially buoyant. As the Owner and Founder of Tillman Financial Services, Craig has consulted with individuals over the years, helping them fix their credit. As a professional, he understands that analyzing your situation to come up with the right debt settlement plan can be a daunting exercise.

An experienced finance expert, his industry knowledge extends to the areas of tax preparation and general financial education. Craig has completed over 100 hours of tax preparation from the Income Tax School, giving him the competence to handle your requests. He is certified and educated on how to maximize your tax refund.

For that reason, Craig provides confidential consultations and Credit counseling to help them fix their debt problems. Through this consultation, he reviews your current financial situation, recommends a plan of action to settle your debt, and help you implement it. Craig is delighted to educate and enlighten you on how to fix your credit and make better decisions to secure a brighter financial future.

Tillman Financial Services

Christina Tillman is a dedicated and result-oriented tax and accounting professional that provides professional services to individual, small businesses, and entrepreneurs. She brings her experience in data entry and auditing data to the tax field. Christina assists businesses, individuals, and organizations with tax strategy, planning, and compliance.

As your tax professional, her utmost priority is to be your sole tax source, giving you the best tax advice. She specializes in Tax preparation, Credit Repair, as well as General Financial Literacy. She recognizes the need for business managers to make accurate and timely decisions to keep up with stakeholders’ expectations. Christina works collaboratively with clients, from planning to execution, and providing insights on the tax implications of these decisions.

She uses her knowledge to identify possible alternatives where necessary to ensure utmost tax efficiency in your business. Christina is passionate and willing to solve the most complex tax issues and disputes. With her careful analytical mind, she can give clients sound advice for adequate planning to fulfill their goals.